Mentoring – Apply Now

Why have a mentor?

Having an established mentor in the field you are interested in is highly likely to be beneficial for your career. A mentor can support you achieve career goals, guide you through professional decisions and offer unbiased advice on your situation, ultimately allowing you to grow your career in the direction that you want it to go in.

60% of UK business leaders have had a mentor, and of these, 97% said they had benefited from the advice given (Source: DDI, 2005)

Who can apply to be a mentee?

Professionals and students of Cypriot descent in the fields of Banking, Law, Consultancy and Accountancy. In order to apply, you must be signed up (HYPERLINK TO SIGN UP PAGE) to Cypriots in the City through our website and fill out the form below using the same email address.

How will it work?

The Cypriots in the City team will review your application and will try to match you with a suitable mentor within your chosen field.

In order to help us match you to the mentor who will be the best fit possible to your needs, please fill out the below form with as much detail as possible giving particular emphasis on what you want to get out of a mentoring relationship.

When you are successfully matched with a mentor, you will be contacted by them to arrange your first discussion. Ahead the first meeting, we will provide some materials which could be used to help both you and your mentor guide this conversation to agree wider expectations and objectives of the relationship and agree a plan on how often you decide to speak.

You will be matched with your mentor for 6 months initially where we suggest you have an arranged discussion once a month. After the 6-month period, you can discuss if it would be beneficial to continue your mentoring relationship.

Cypriots in the City will be reviewing mentorship relationships on an ongoing basis and allow mentees to add and change mentors should they wish to meet a new mentor in their chosen field and build out their network.